A DUI in Colorado: From Catastrophe to Manageable Offense

Rolling over and playing ball with the prosecution in a DUI case is not the right thing to do. Though the client has admitted their mistakes, and they’re willing to accept that, they cannot take on all the punishment from a resentful and proactive prosecution. They owe it to themselves to stick up for what they believe in and to protect the future they want for themselves. Frankly, a DUI is a big deal. But, a hungry prosecution can bury a client in mounds of consequences.

The criminal defense attorney Rogers & Moss seeks to limit the far reach of an angry prosecution by admitting to certain parts of the case and rolling back others. Moss focuses on three key aspects.

Retaining a License

A DUI can be the beginning of a powerful snowball effect. Losing a license means being unable to make it to work. Clients begin missing days and arriving late, and they are eventually fired. Without an ability to make a steady income, a mountain of other issues go into effect. It is arguably a top priority for Criminal Defense Attorneys to keep the drivers license of the client in a DUI attorney case involving DUI or DWI.

Reducing Jail Time

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Some more serious cases may provide an opportunity for the prosecution to apply some jail time. It is not unexpected to see anywhere between three months to five years for a DUI charge. On the short-term, a criminal defense attorney will try to retain an active license for the client. On the long-term, they will negotiate a reduced jail sentence for an increase probation period. If evidence is faulty (such as inconsistent police report or a lack of witness testimony) the attorney can often remove jail time from consideration.

Rolling Back Alcohol Charge

It is a longshot for some clients with a pile of evidence against them but it is certainly an important area to consider. The stigma against DUI charges can ruin their chance of being hired by many reputable firms in Colorado. The idea here is to negotiate for a non-alcohol charge. This will reduce the stigmatized aspect of driving while intoxicated, and subsequently remove jail time from the equation and likely reduce the probationary period.

A DUI should be a life-changing experience. But, it should not be so devastating for the majority of clients who’ve made a single mistake and have understood the consequences of the state. This is still America, where dreams are being and everyone has multiple chances to fulfill what matters to them.

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